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//Assalamualaikum. Hi people!! Yeahhh its was a bored day. Emmmm im not going to tuition today. I was too lazy. Duhhh. Plus there was a apa tah. Malas nk dtg even there was a study time. But yet still lazy. Lulzzzz. So yeahhh i kept updating my blog hahaha. Since i was yeahhh escaping from social network. Kahkah. Hahaha ((Kelak000)) Hmmm i was so bored. As you can see there is no motif i kept updating this blog. You know what i mean. I was too bored so i was updating this blogg yeahhh. Hahahahhaha. So much of problem? No good enough. Problem? Get away from here you "Tuttttt" Oh em geeeee. So jahat of me. Hahahah sorry guysss. Im sorry for the harsh word :| ((Sad thingy)) So i kept my favourite song. Yeahh emmm i keep repeating "Be mine-Tasha Manshahar" Yeah this was the first song that I like you to hear. Right? Remember? And the second one was "Kimia-Melda Ahmad" I hope you remember that. Or am i the only one remember all those thingy? No right? I wish you were remember too. Cause this is our song. Emmmm. I kept strumming my guitar. I miss to strumming my guitar for you. Even you were busy you like to hear my guitar strumming right? Hearing my voice singing for you. Dont miss that? I miss that a lot like seriously. Its kinda sad i got nobody to hear me strumming my guitar. Emmm. Im just missing babe :(( I wanna show you how strong am i. BUt i cant. I know you were laughing at me cause i was too weak infront you. I know you love when i was too weak. You will laugh all night all day long. I know. Its kinda hurt. But ill try to be strong like i used to. I was too lame to be weak right? Emm ill try to be strong i will. Hmm.... You always give me spirit when i was too weak. Hmm. I missing all those thingy like seriously. All those thingy are killing me like seriously!! I cant handle it. I wish you were mine again. Ughhhh!! I was too stupid. Ughhh!!! Hmmm. What can i do. Thats me. So yeah. xoxo


 photo a2724706-e283-4d0b-b84e-425a5a0cb86d_zpsc378d966.jpg Hi! Its me Bella. Im the owner of the blog. And i got a lot of broken english. Sorry. I try my best to get a best english here. And yeah sorry half of my blog are talking about a guy name Zarul :'> So yeah do enjoy my blog and my posts. Bye! Thank you!! xoxo