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//Assalamualaikum. Yeah hi people. I get bored everyday even theres exam upcoming. But im getting boring. Emmmmmmmm teruk perangai nahhhh ((giggles)) Bukan nak jadi jahat atau apa. Im not gonna blaming anyone but it was hurt when someone that you love had move on. Fall in love with someone else. I know that he love with someone. Weather it was negative or positive thing but i know. I know it was so fast. Its only been 4 days. And i know when our relationship still on i know he was whtsping with other girls. I know that. I want to trust a guy. But im too dumb to trust someone that i love full of my heart totally backstabbing me. Totally a shit feeling ever. So fast to move on. But i cant. Watching him happy it was hurt totally hurt. Wechat? Webcam? Whatsapp? Gosh totally hurt. No wonder someone told me that you can be a playboy. Tak sangka pula benda ni boleh jd dkt aku pula. Em left me to be with another girl? Or what? Totally negative thinking. Sorry im not that kind of person that can layan person that sesuka hati like you did. Playboy? I never think that you are playboy. But the way you layan perempuan... Takp lah taknk fikir bukan bukan. Takp lah lg pun awak bosan kan? Hm. But you are totally change. It breaks my heart. Sorry to say but you are mean and cruel to do to me like that. Takp lah dia bangun untuk mengenal dunia dan mengejar duniawi yang berada di depan mata. Bila dia sudah capai duniawi yang dia kejar. Dia akan bahagia. Maka semua benda dia akan menolak semua nya ketepi. Sorry for saying this. I was mean and bad cause you makes me hurt Zarul. I knew i had hurt you before but sorry. I not that perfect. And i not that pretty like other girl. Im trying to be perfect for you before. But it was my mistake to be perfect for you but you left. And your ego. I hope when i die one day. Dont come my funeral with your ego. Because of your ego you forget about the whole world and people around you that you hurt. You did see that you are hurting them Zarul. Think. What a bout your statement think about us? Dont. Go on with your life forget me. I know i cant live without you. Tp bak kata awak. Tak boleh hidup tanpa aku eh? Pelik pelik je bukan? Tkp this time i get tired of crying. Move on with your life. Please. Im tired to dealing with your ego. Im too tired. Why am I kena macam ni kenapa dulu awak dgn ex ex awak tk macam ni? Nk balas dendam eh? Dari cara awak kita tahu dahh. My girls always said. Dont give up on you if i do love you. But you are the one who give up on me. Kesian kita kena tinggal mcm sampah. Sebab kita terlalu lemah. Im sorry what i've done. Tahu this post ada kutuk awak. Tp seriously kita sakit sangat sangat. Its hurt to watching you tweeting with your girls While I? Just watching your tweets and cry like hell. Its hurt. Mcm orang lain makan popcorn tp aku? Lap hingus dgn air mata guna bantal. Sakit k sakit. And your boys are supporting you to find another girl. What a good friend right? This is the first time that i give up on a boy. The first time i get truly hurt. I never felt this feeling ever in my life. I cant even eat. I do hungry but i cant eat. My life are MISERABLE. Im tired. Cause i cant move on like you. And my mind kept rewind our memories. Its hurts me. Totally. I need to stop typing. If i keep typing i will keep crying thinking over you. Sumpah. Ni pun type asyik nangis je. Hm.... Off here. xoxo


 photo a2724706-e283-4d0b-b84e-425a5a0cb86d_zpsc378d966.jpg Hi! Its me Bella. Im the owner of the blog. And i got a lot of broken english. Sorry. I try my best to get a best english here. And yeah sorry half of my blog are talking about a guy name Zarul :'> So yeah do enjoy my blog and my posts. Bye! Thank you!! xoxo