Silence is killing/ /

//Assalamualaikum. Hi!! So yeahhh since i got a laptop at home so yeahhh im addicted to blogging. I do love typing hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha xD ((Long laughing.Lame me)) Hahaha dont even care so yeahhh. Theres a lot of "SO YEAH" In my blog. So yeahh ((Sorry again)) Hahaha ken go dai ahhh. Lols. Hmmm, it start with a happy thingy. And now started with a sad story..... ((Sad song came along)) Hahaha, yeah as you can see my bf yeah. Zarul tuuuu hahhhh tak kan lahh hangpa tak kenal. Ye dak? ((HA HA HA))  I do miss this freaking annoying, pampered ((Used to be pampered)), lovely, caring, easy to talk with, easy going, crazy sometimes ((A lot not sometimes)) boy. Hm..... He used to be all of this. But when we became more matured, more bigger, growing up. Everything change. Since i was changing school, since he was busy for his up coming show. I know he was too busy to try to hv a time with me. But i felt like i was so abandoned like i was not important mayb? But i know he was trying ((Mayb)) to hv a time to spent with me? ((Mayb)) Hm, a lot of wishing that i want will never get. Like wishing that he wakes me up in morning before i go to school. He used to do this to me before this. A long time ago ahhh. And i do wish to get a call with him but....... Wht does he said. Hm let me the only one knows what he said to me. Haissssss, so what a nice life that i hv been through aitee? And yeahh also i wishing that he was waiting for me to get home from school. But yeahh the only thing he can do is sleep and yeah i know he was tired. But he dont hv a lot of time to spent with me. When the sun rise he was sleeping. At night he was busy with his training. If dont hv any training he busy spent time with his friends and lepakingssss with his friends. So yeah. You can calculate how short does the time for me to spent with him? A short time aite? Wht more can i said......... Things change suddenly without any notice. Hmmm, nak tak kita redha jelaaaa. Hm until here my story end. Bye for now. Thanks for reading. Xo!

Baby i miss the old you. The old you please come back and do come back. The new you make me change desperately. I love you and miss you, 

Silent is enough/ /

//Assalamualaikum. And Hi!! Hi everybody. Does everyone okay? And fine? So yeahhh, i had some changes to my blogger. Does it look pretty? Isnt it? Hahahahaha so do me!! ((((TADAAAAA!!!!)))) *Me perasan-ing myself* Me poyo. Hahahaha. Shame on me i dont even care. Lols. I got no title here. So i just want to inform that im back for blogger ((YEAYYYYYYY!!!)) Hahahaha. Too happy. Lol lame me. Noob. Kahkah. So im done here. Bye! Assalamualaikum. xoxo

Friend are forever. /

\Assalamualaikum/ And hi!! To people who still reading my blog mayb? Hahaha funny. Im lack using my blog already. I only use Twitter or FB for sometimes. But more to Twitter. So yeahh. Hahahaha do follow me yeahh! ((Cehhh promote pula aku ni)) Hahaha so whtvr. And nowadays i used to study at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru a.k.a TiJB yawww. So i do miss my friends at SMK Taman Pelangi a lot. Yeah a lot and a lot. Hmmm. Sincerely i do miss them. I miss our memories together. We go to school trip together. Ahh sweet memories forever~~~ Haahhhhh~~~~~ Hm I MISS THEM A LOT. Quite sometimes i do visit them at SMK Taman Pelangi. That was my favorite part. Even i was no longer schooling there. I do still remember my "ZAMAN KEGEMILANGAN" there at SMK Taman Pelangi. When i remember back my memories there. I do laugh and i do cry a lot. Hahaha there are some funny moment there are some sad moment. So yeahh quite fun. Not quite fun anymore. It was funn so much funn!! Hahaha i miss a lot. Theres some pictures from me and my friends. Do enjoy bye. Thanks for dropping by. Xoxo.


 photo a2724706-e283-4d0b-b84e-425a5a0cb86d_zpsc378d966.jpg Hi! Its me Bella. Im the owner of the blog. And i got a lot of broken english. Sorry. I try my best to get a best english here. And yeah sorry half of my blog are talking about a guy name Zarul :'> So yeah do enjoy my blog and my posts. Bye! Thank you!! xoxo