Friend are forever. /

\Assalamualaikum/ And hi!! To people who still reading my blog mayb? Hahaha funny. Im lack using my blog already. I only use Twitter or FB for sometimes. But more to Twitter. So yeahh. Hahahaha do follow me yeahh! ((Cehhh promote pula aku ni)) Hahaha so whtvr. And nowadays i used to study at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru a.k.a TiJB yawww. So i do miss my friends at SMK Taman Pelangi a lot. Yeah a lot and a lot. Hmmm. Sincerely i do miss them. I miss our memories together. We go to school trip together. Ahh sweet memories forever~~~ Haahhhhh~~~~~ Hm I MISS THEM A LOT. Quite sometimes i do visit them at SMK Taman Pelangi. That was my favorite part. Even i was no longer schooling there. I do still remember my "ZAMAN KEGEMILANGAN" there at SMK Taman Pelangi. When i remember back my memories there. I do laugh and i do cry a lot. Hahaha there are some funny moment there are some sad moment. So yeahh quite fun. Not quite fun anymore. It was funn so much funn!! Hahaha i miss a lot. Theres some pictures from me and my friends. Do enjoy bye. Thanks for dropping by. Xoxo.


 photo a2724706-e283-4d0b-b84e-425a5a0cb86d_zpsc378d966.jpg Hi! Its me Bella. Im the owner of the blog. And i got a lot of broken english. Sorry. I try my best to get a best english here. And yeah sorry half of my blog are talking about a guy name Zarul :'> So yeah do enjoy my blog and my posts. Bye! Thank you!! xoxo