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\ASSALAMUALAIKUM/ Hi hi, kita telah di tag oleh kak Mira :) Thanks fer tag dekat kita okay :3

Question from Sistah Miera :-
- Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- How long have you been together with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
- What is your favorite undies brand?
- What is your ambition?
- Do you share your room with your sis/bro?
- How often do you logged in your facebook?
- What is your favorite flower?
- Have you ever wish that you are a movie star?
- If you are given a choice of a car or a house, what would you choose?
- What is your dream gadget?
- Will you marry me?

Answer from me :)
- I do have a boyfriend :3
- 1month 10days
- Minoshe. Muehehehehehe :B
- Jadi pengurus cafe' #AWHHHHHH
- Dulu lahhhh masa kecik kecik, now sudah tak
- Jarang lahhh, nothing on Facebook now
- Flower? Umphhhh, Roses lahhhh. Its cool kalau boyfieee kita bagi bunga ni :>
- I use to. I wanna be like Jessica Alba :]
- I will choose a house
- I wanna a Mac Apple laptop. Its cool kalau dapat benda ni :B
- I will. If i was a boy. Muehehehehehe :3

Sistahhhh, thanks ehhh tag kita dalam soalan ni. Muah muahhhhhh sistahhh :*


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